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“Author of The Miser Chef”

Girish Saansgiri has worked in Multinational Chemical Company for more than 25 years, out of which last 8 years worked in Singapore.

Now taken early retirement for his passion towards publishing and writing. He is blessed with 2 beautiful daughters.

As most of his family members like Grandfather, uncle and cousin sisters are doctors, it helped him to get inspiration to learn something related to health and fitness. So he decided to learn about Naturopathy, Nutrition and Natural treatment for common disease including Acupressure and some basic knowledge of Acupuncture.

Currently, he holds Diploma in NATUROPATHY and ACUPRESSURE as well as a certificate course in Homeopathy and biochemical salts.

His wife cooks delicious food and she is a pro at cooking. So he is inspired to use her knowledge in the health field and culinary skills to motivate readers to start cooking and eating at home. This saves time, money, and health!

He is a university graduate in science and visited many countries (Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia) learning the diversities of culture and food. One thing he finds common in almost every country is that convenience is a commodity everywhere; unhealthy fast-food diets have caused health problems across the world.

Girish’s vision is to write a series of recipe books, each focusing on one theme or one type of food that can be EASILY prepared by someone who wouldn’t be considered your typical cook. All recipes will be healthy and nutritious as well.

He urges his readers to feel welcome to share recipes, thoughts, and ideas with him and any feedback is encouraged.


The Miser Chef:
125+ Slow Cooker Recipes

by Girish Saansgiri

It’s time to take control of your health and THE MISER CHEF is a perfect guide to all your healthy eating problems. This book is a great investment for your health with multi-fold returns in terms of both time and money.


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Amazon Customer

Practicle cookbook

“I choose this book because I need to make inexpensive, good and healthy meals. I have an extremely small kitchen as I live in a travel trailer and the lack of refrigerator space as well as work space can be a real challenge. This cookbook uses good ingredients, flavorful herbs and spices and things that I can run to a small town grocery store and get easily without having to store excess things.”

Amazon Customer

Save money and eat healthier.

“As a lifelong foodie, the recipes are well written and the ones I have tried were outstanding. The recipes were well researched, simple and quick to make. This book leads you back to cooking at home and saving money, not to mention eating healthier as well. Stop wasting your money and live longer!”

Amazon Customer

Actually a great cookbook – does what it says

“HATE HATE cookbooks – either way too overdone or don’t meet goals, etc. THIS ONE does what it says – very practical, really helpful. Wish I had had it in my final years of college/first few years on my own. GREAT now and in retirement.”

Amazon Customer

Worth every penny and more!!

“If I could give this book 10 stars I would. I lost my job and needed to save money on food so I bought this book. The recipes are sooo delicious. I have not found a single one that’s a dud. My husband and I both feel better since we cut way back on processed foods and increased our veggie intake due to this book. I’ll never go back!!!”

Discover Exiting World of Cooking

With Girish Saansgiri’s
The Miser Chef!